Sunday, January 15, 2017

What is Real Man Style (and do I have it?)

What is Real Man Style?

Real Man Style is mostly a lost art losing out to the notion of fashion, often confused with style. Real Man Style is a way of living. A whole life philosophy. The way a man dresses. The way a man carries himself. The kind of music he listens to. What he smokes. The glasses he wears. His accessories. His hair. The creme's he uses. How he shaves and why. What he does for entertainment. The relationships he keeps. His lady friends. His mode of transportation. His home. Do you get the idea. It's everything about him!

It isn't that a real man cares about all of these things. It's that a man with style, his own style, selects each item in his life with the care. The care appointed by him as it relates to his own being. How important is it to him.  How it makes him feel. Where he's comfortable and confident.

The look of confidence:

Here are a few men who appear to have great style... their own style. They dress like themselves. They could almost be identified by their look without their individual faces. Yes, sometimes brand names are a part of a look, but not because of the name, but because of the fit, the cut, the fabric, the texture. It isn't about how much they spend. It's about how they wear it! it's about how they live it!

Jason Stratham

OK. We've got a 50 year old man here that looks like he could hold his own with just about anyone. He looks confident, handsome and together. He doesn't always dress the same, but it always looks like  him. Crisp shirt, dark suit, aviator style sunglasses, one day stubble or is he really the guy in the marino crew neck pullover, stone washed black denims and ...aviators. Now I don't dig the Ferragamo's but we all have our weaknesses. I prefer Magli's for my slippers if I wear them. But this guy looks like a guy who know what he wants and gets it.

Jeff Beck

OK. Now we have a 70 year old man who has been going his own way for more than 50 years. Jeff Beck is renown for being the most creative and possibly most temperamental guitarist on the planet. This is a guy who was asked to replace Eric Clapton in the then top British band, "The Yardbirds" but when he thought that he was going to have to audition, turned around and started to walk home (before being chased down by leader Keith Relf and some assurance that there weren't going to be any auditions if he wanted the job). Asked to headline Woodstock but decided that he was done with the band and all of the touring malarkey before the show and retired to England. Fished no name teen singer Rod Stewart from a local pub to front his debut album which featured among others Ron Wood, Keith Moon on drums and John Paul Jones on bass and Jimmy Page on rhythm guitar and started the sound that Led Zep ultimately made their own. Oh yeah...check out Jeff Beck Group - Truth issued before Led Zep I. What's Jeff's style statement? Jeans and a t shirt... and of course a pair of boots. He rocks them.

But the Brits don't have a lock on style.

Kimi Raikkonen

 Check out this pad of Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen from Finland. Kimi's a 30 something party animal who has made a tidy sum driving race cars ($51 million a year salary), yeah...that's a lot of zeros.
Is Kimi a cool guy. They call him the iceman. He drives like a machine and stares at you with his stone cold stare. But this guy is passionate about what he does, and he does it with style. He get's crashed out of a race in Monaco... he doesn't return to the pit. He walks to his yacht and gets a drink. His job's done. Does he always dress in a suit...custom tailored. Hell no. Kimi would just as soon be lounging in his jeans. But he has style... his own style.

You're probably looking at this and saying,
"These just look like regular guys...with a lot of money.

 They are just regular guys with a lot of money!!!!!!

They have learned the secret of living their own style. You can do it with what you've got. Don't copy somebody else's style. Find what looks good on you. Find what you like. Live your own dream.

This one's mine!

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